Cancelled flight

A flight cancellation can cause you major inconvenience.

Fortunately, Regulation (EC) No. 261/2004 provides for compensation for the cancellation of your flight.

If your flight is cancelled less than 14 days before your departure:

  • either the flight is delayed and you decide to travel anyway
  • or you demand the reimbursement for the price of the plane ticket

In addition to this, you are also entitled to compensation of up to €600 (see condition below).

You will find the answers to your questions below.

How much am I entitled to?

If your flight is cancelled you can claim up to €600 compensation per person.

The amount of compensation varies depending on the distance of the journey.

You are entitled to a compensation of:

  • €250 for all flights whose distance is less than 1,500 km
  • €400 for all intra-community flights over 1,500 km
  • €400 for all non intra-Community flights whose distance is between 1,500 km and 3,500 km
  • €600 for all flights over 3,500 km.

What are the conditions for receiving compensation?

Travel itinerary:

  • If the airline is European: departure or arrival must be at a European airport.
  • If the airline is not European: departure must be from a European airport.

Cause of cancelled

Under Regulation (EC) No. 261/2004, passengers are not entitled to compensation if the reason for the delay is due to "an extraordinary circumstance".

An extraordinary circumstance is defined as "an event that could not have been avoided, even if all reasonable measures had been taken".

Some examples of extraordinary circumstances include:

  • Extreme climate conditions
  • Strikes independent of the airline (strikes by air traffic controllers, baggage handlers, etc.)
  • Bird strike (birds entering the jet engine)
  • Political instability
  • Closure of airspace

The following are some causes of cancelled which are not considered as extraordinary circumstance (and giving the right to compensation):

  • A technical problem
  • Strike by the airline staff
  • Illnesses of the airline staff

What is the time period for filing a complaint?

The time limit varies from country to country. For example, in France, the time limit for taking action is 5 years. In Belgium, on the other hand, the time limit for taking action is only 1 year.

Why should I call on Air Connexion?

Unlike a lawyer who charges for services on an hourly basis, Air Connexion is paid only in the event of success (25% commission + VAT).There is no additional charge (handling charges are entirely free and the legal costs are borne by Air Connexion).

In addition, Air Connexion has its own legal department, and will take your case to court in case of non-payment of your compensation.

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